Cajun Sweet Potato Chips

IMGP2821 I love sweet potato, so when I was sent this Tesco recipe, I just had to try it!

This is perfect for Barbecue weather, but can also be cooked in the oven. I had them as an accompaniment to Fiona Farley's Greek Chicken Pitta Pockets, and found that despite the cross-quisine fusion they worked well together as an easy summer evening meal.



2tbsp mixed peppercorns 2tsp dried sage 1½tbsp dried oregano 1½tbsp dried thyme 2tbsp mild paprika 1tsp cayenne pepper 1tbsp soft brown sugar 3tsp garlic powder 500g sweet potatoes



First up, let's start with the the spice mix. You'll have lots left over, which is great news as it's versatile enough to be used on meat as well as the sweet potatoes, or even ordinary potatoes.

1. Grind the pepper quite coarsely, and mix well with the other herbs, spices and the sugar.

That's it! Now on to the sweet potatoes!

2. Next, peel the sweet potato, cut into chips, and blanche in boiling water for three minutes.

3. Drain well, and transfer to a large mixing bowl.

4. Season with sea salt, and add the oil, coating thoroughly. Add 1tbs of the cajun season mix, and stir it all together til all the chips have an even and equal covering.


5. Roast in a high oven (200ºC, or 180ºC fan) for 20-30 minutes.


Tidy Savings

Today's Tidy Savings are a bit all over the place, as so much depends on what you already have in your cupboard. If everything's there apart from the sweet potatoes, Morrisons is Cheapest, followed by Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda.

If you want to abandon the idea of making your own spice mix, and just buy ready-made mix, Tesco comes out top at £1.60, followed by Asda at £1.61, Morrisons at £2.04 and Sainsburys at £2.20

The overall winner, though, for this entire recipe as it stands, has to be Asda. If you needed to buy everything outright, they came in miles ahead at £7.49, followed by Tesco at £8.29, then Morrisons at £8.96, and Sainsburys at a fairly shocking £10.20 (it was the lack of a decent garlic powder offering that really put the boot in.)

Today's lesson is clearly that if you want to buy herbs or spices: Asda, Asda, Asda!

Tidy Tweaks

I always have issues with the consistency of sweet potato chips or wedges. I can never get them crispy enough, and since I try not to deep fry things if I can help it, I'd pretty much come to accept that they're always going to be a bit.... well.... soggy. Soggy, but delicious.

That said, I've also discovered that cooking them in a Tefal Actifry does a not-bad job of crisping the outside up a little bit.  If anybody else knows of any tips on how to get a bit of crunch, please share!

A fairly obvious tweak is that you could use ordinary potatoes instead of sweet. A bit more radical could be to try parsnips, maybe.

Another option would be to use ready-made Cajun spice mix instead, but where's the fun in that? ;-)


Big thanks to Jamie for sharing this Tesco recipe with me :-D