Cheesy Chorizo Brunch

imgp4090 I am a classic yo-yo dieter. I'm either flat-out dieting, or fat-out eating aaallllllll the food.

Like almost every other 18-40 year-old with an interest in living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet, I bought Joe Wicks' Lean in 15. There are lots of amazing recipes in there, but of course, I was drawn to the Chorizo ones!

Wicks uses chicken in his recipe, but I forgot to defrost some, so tweaked the recipe, slightly. I've also made another tweak which I'll explain in Tidy Tweaks.

Either way, the end result is amazing.... and the bonus is, it's quick and easy! So get stuck in!


100g Chorizo, diced

1 pack turkey bacon, cut into thin strips

1 mozzarella ball, cut into chunks

100g baby spinach, wilted

8 cherry tomatoes, halved

2 eggs, poached

20g pine nuts

I've presented this as brunch for two (I guess it could also be two breakfasts) but equally it would serve as a pretty filling main meal for one. Me being me, it was a very hearty brunch for one!


  1. Pop the chorizo in a wok over a medium-high heat, giving it the occasional wiggle, until the oil starts to run free.
  2. After about a minute, pop the kettle on to boil, and chuck the turkey bacon into the wok. Turn the heat down a little. Remember to keep it moving.
  3. Poach your eggs. The easiest method is:
    1. pour the boiling water into a frying pan, over a medium heat.
    2. Crack the eggs into the water, and leave on the boil for 1 minute.
    3. Turn the heat off, and leave for a further 7 minutes.
  4. During that 7 minutes, your turkey bacon should be cooking. When there's about 5 minutes left to go, chuck the tomatoes into the wok.
  5. Wilt your spinach... I prefer to do this in a separate pan, over a low heat with just a splash of water.
  6. When the tomatoes start to collapse a little, transfer the spinach into the wok.
  7. Add in the mozzarella, and turn off the heat.
  8. Leave for a minute to let the cheese melt a little, then transfer to serving bowls and sprinkle the pine nuts over the top.
  9. Serve, with the eggs on top again.

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Tidy Savings

It's a solid win for ASDA this week, with their £9.20 coming in ahead of Tesco's £9.81.

Another jump to Morrisons' £10.24, miles ahead of Sainsburys' frankly ridiculous £11.50.

Tidy Tweaks

So, the first tweak (as I mentioned above) is that Wicks uses chicken breast instead of turkey bacon. I thought this was a decent substitution, as it's so lean and packed with protein that it's in-keeping with his intentions.

The second tweak is that I added the poached eggs. Because... poached eggs, right? Leave them out if you're not a big fan!

And the third tweak is the Spinach. My first attempt at Wicks' recipe looked more like a stew. It was so wet, and completely different from the photos in his book. So I figured I'd wilt the spinach separately (whereas the original recipe just has it wilting in the wok). It kind of worked, but..... as I ate, and the spinach continued to wilt down, the liquid appeared! So I think next time I'll just ditch the spinach altogether. It doesn't add much to the recipe in terms of flavour, I guess it's there for the nutritional content. But ewwww messy plates.

The same goes for the pine nuts. I enjoy the crunch, but if that's not your bag, you can go without, or change them for cashews or anything that takes your fancy.

There's also coconut oil in the original recipe, but I figured there'd be enough oil from the chorizo. I wasn't sure if its inclusion was one of the contributors to the overall liquid levels in the first attempt. I didn't notice a lack of flavour in this version.


All credit to Joe Wicks, for this one. Go buy the Lean in 15 books!