Chips, Cheese, & Curry Sauce


IMGP3551 Time for a Tidy Flashback Fakeaway!

Everybody has a guilty pleasure: your go-to snack on the way home from a ridiculously messy night out. For some it's a Kebab, others crave a slice or two of pizza. Chips are pretty universal, and I was always a fan of Chips & Cheese.

Then, when I moved to Dundee for Uni, some friends had a thing for Chips & Curry Sauce. One drunken night after the Student Union (More than likely a  Mono night) the two were somehow combined, and most nights thereafter it became Chips, Cheese, & Curry Sauce!

Well... the other night, I was craving Chinese, and got myself in a bit of a spiral about wanting to continue with my weight loss but also really really wanting a good Chinese curry! So I googled a recipe for Chinese style curry sauce, and had it with some rice. It was pretty good, but as I was eating it I had a flashback to those chips, cheese, and curry sauce nights. The sauce would've been too hot to be authentic, so I made some tweaks and came up with this! The colour's a little on the dark side, but I've made it mild enough to taste pretty close to the mark!

So, if you were ever in that queue at Istanbul on the Nethergate, waiting for your post-Mono munch.... this one's for you!


2 large baking potatoes, cut into chips

2tbsp mild curry sauce

2tbsp flour (I used tapioca flour, but plain or cornflour will do)

1tsp ground cumin

1tsp ground ginger

1tsp onion salt

1 large onion, cut into chunky... erm... chunks

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

a dash of light soy sauce

400ml Chicken Stock

80g 50% reduced fat cheddar cheese, grated

Now, this should be enough for a snack for two... and it was!


1. Do something with the chips. You don't need me for that. Let's face it, this one's all about the curry sauce! (Incidentally, though,I did my chips in the actifry, which gave me plenty time to be getting on with the sauce!)

2. Heat some oil in a saucepan... Though I used frylight, because I wanted this to be healthy.

3. Fry the onions over a high heat for around 10 minutes, til they soften and brown.

4. Lower the heat to medium, chuck in the garlic, and fry together with the onions for just a few seconds, then...

5. Add all the spices and the flour, and keep on the move for a minute or so, before:

6. Pouring in the stock and the soy sauce.

7. Turn the heat down to low, and let it simmer away, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes. It should thicken up pretty well.

8. Serve on top of the chips, and with the cheese! I layered: chips, cheese, curry sauce, cheese!



Tidy Savings

This looks a bit pricy but don't be deceived - it's because of all the spices. As I had all of these in the cupboard anyway, it was a true ifits. To buy all this stuff from scratch, though... this is how it would've worked out!

ASDA claim first place at £9.20. Unusually, Sainsburys should've come second at around £9.71, but have been disqualified for not selling 50% reduced fat cheese!

That means Tesco steal second place at £9.89 followed by a somewhat ridonkulous Morrisons offering of £10.30!

Tidy Tweaks

Well the first and most obvious tweak is that you could use this sauce as the base for an actual full-on curry. Chicken & Beef would be obvious additions, but you could use it for a vegetable curry just as easily. In fact, first time round, I included a green pepper at the same point as the garlic, just for a bit of texture and crunch. I thought that detracted from the essence of today's blog though!

Speaking of first time around, I've also adjusted the heat. Normally I like a hot-ish curry, and you'll know from other recipes that I value spice and chilli heat... but I was trying to recreate something this time round, so had to tone it down. For the more fiery version, I used hot curry powder, plus a teaspoon of chilli flakes.

Now...the Welsh think they invented this, but every region in the UK will make the same claim... maybe just under a different name.... but we all love a bit of affanaff - half rice, half chips! Give it a whirl!

I did say this is all about the curry sauce, but since chips is the first word in the title, we should talk about other toppings (with or without cheese). So let's have it. Gravy? Mushy Peas? Sauerkraut? What would you go for?

Since I moved to Wales, I developed a liking for a Curry Chip Butty... which is basically this on a roll, without the cheese. The roll goes super curry-soggy. Stodge of the finest variety!

Because I used tapioca flour, this would be gluten free ( most cases...some cheeses aren't). And I also mentioned that the whole point of this was to be diet friendly... so I achieved that through the use of frylight instead of oil, and half fat cheddar. I follow Slimming World, so with 40g of half fat cheddar as my Healthy Extra 'A' Choice (I actually could've used 45g) this only cost me 1 or 2 syns (their points system) depending on the choice of flour. Plain flour will cost you 2 per level table spoon, but it's only 1 for cornflour. Similarly, if you added a wholemeal roll that would constitute your Healthy Extra 'B' Choice.

Told you it was healthy!