Ifits Stuffed Peppers

IMGP3310 I love couscous. I literally can't get enough of it. It's not always easy to find interesting ways to serve it, though, so I tend to serve it as an accompaniment to interesting dishes. When I decided it was time for another Ifits recipe, though, things quickly pointed towards the two peppers I had in the fridge, and rice seemed like too obvious a choice - so it had to be couscous!

I found this both tasty and filling, despite it's healthy appearance! Go on, give it a try. I dare you!




Chicken breast

1/2 an onion

A couple of mushrooms


Jalapeño pepper

Chilli flakes

Petits pois

Vegetable stock

Cayenne pepper

Smoked paprika

I've been deliberately vague on the quantities - as this is an Ifits, just use what you've got!


1. If you're using raw chicken, brown it in some fry-light to get started. I used leftover cooked chicken, though, so started at the next stage!

2. pop the oven on at 200ºc (or 180ºc fan assisted)

3. Dice the onion & mushrooms, and chop the jalapeño. Finely chop the garlic (I used two cloves).

4. Fry the veg and chilli flakes over a high-ish heat in some frylight - if you're using raw chicken do this in the same pan once you've browned the chicken. If you're using leftover chicken, chuck it in once the veg has had a few minutes.

5. Meanwhile, cook the couscous as per the instructions - although I used the vegetable stock rather than just water.

6. Chope the tops off the peppers, and scoop out the innards!

7. Sprinkle the cayenne & paprika over the contents of the frying pan, and cook it for another min or two, before turning the heat right down (you could actually turn it off) and stirring the couscous through.

8. Stuff the peppers with the couscous, and give them a spray on top with some more frylight. I used the garlic-infused type.

9. Pop them in the oven for about 20-30 minutes, then serve with a nice leafy salad.



Tidy Savings

This week's Tidy Savings is only for bragging rights,  as the whole idea is that you should use whatever you have already! However, I need to put something in this section muahahahaha!

So, claiming the bragging rights this week is Tesco, with a decent £8.52, followed by ASDA's respectable £8.62.

Morrisons languish in third, as so often lately, with a poor £9.70 that still laughs in the face of Sainsburys' appaling £10.89.

Tidy Tweaks

As it's an Ifits the whole idea of this is to tweak it based on whatever you have in your cupboards.

Don't like couscous? Well a) you're wrong in the head, and b) just swap it for rice, bulgur wheat, quinoa, or something similar!

I often stir Harissa paste through couscous, which would add a nice bit of fire. For a milder option, you could use a little passata, or maybe even chopped tomatoes for a bit of depth and tang.

Ditch the meat for a vegan option (yes, VEGAN!) Surprised even myself, then!

If you're not that fussy about saving calories, then you could swap the frylight for a different oil, and top the couscous with a nob of (garlic?) butter before it goes in the oven. This would melt beautifully down through the couscous!

And finally, I know I've called it "Ifits Stuffed Peppers" but there's nothing stopping you from serving up just the stuffing instead! I had far too much for my two peppers, and that's what I did with the leftovers!