Lemon & Elderflower Cheesecakes

aIMGP3096 It seems we've gone a bit Savoury-centric again on TidyMunch lately, so I thought I'd shake it up a bit with another tasty dessert!

This one came together from a combination of different recipes, as I particularly wanted to combine the flavours of lemon and elderflower for a certain somebody who's a big fan of both, but I couldn't find a single one that incorporated the two together.

It's fairly straight-forward, and definitely passes the taste test, so get your cook on!


100g ginger nut biscuits

25g unsalted butter

150g mascarpone

3tbsp elderflower cordial

juice & zest of 1/2 a lemon

65ml double cream

60g caster sugar

1 egg

100ml soured cream


This will create four individual mini-cheesecakes. You'll probably have some mixture and topping left over, but it's very tricky to reduce the quantities any further. As long as you keep the ratio of butter and ginger nuts, you could always make more bases to use up the mixture!


1. Blitz the biscuits in blender until they look like fine breadcrumbs

2. Melt the butter, pour it into the crumbed biscuits, and give it another whirl until it's all thoroughly combined.

3. Divide the mixture across four mini loose-bottomed tart cases. Use a small ramekin, or the back of a spoon to press the mixture down firmly, creating a base. You want to compact it as much as you can. Pop them in the fridge for about 20 minutes (longer if you have the time or patience).

4. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 170ºC, and beat the mascarpone together with the cream and 45g of the caster sugar. Next, beat in the egg, and then add the elderflower cordial along with the lemon juice & zest. Combine it all, til everything is incorporated smoothly.

5. When the cheesecake bases have had their chill-time, remove from the fridge and add three or four tablespoons of the mixture to each. Don't over-fill them, there's an additional topping to add later. Distribute the mixture evenly, and smooth the top.

6. Pop them in the oven for around 20 minutes. When they're done, the centres should be a little firm to the touch, but still have a bit of a wobble to them.

7. Leave the cheesecakes to cook completely. You can do this in the oven (switched off), with the door slightly ajar, or just leave them to do their thing on the counter.

8. Once they've completely cooled, mix the soured cream with the remaining sugar, and spoon some on top of each cake. Again, smooth them over.

9. And now the hardest bit of this recipe... pop them in the fridge, and leave them... overnight.


Tidy Savings

Tesco takes first place again, with a thrifty £9.58 followed fairly closely by ASDA at £10.08. Sainsbury's surprisingly take third at £10.73 while Morrisons come last with an uncharacteristically extortionate 11.38.

In recent times, Tesco and Morrisons have often battled it out for first, and it's very unusual  to see the latter so far off the pace. Tesco, on the other hand, continue to perform more strongly than their ubiquitous bad press would give them credit for. There seems to be a wide-spread belief amongst consumers that they're amongst the most expensive of the big four (if not the most expensive). What is it about TidyMunch recipes that indicates otherwise?

Tidy Tweaks

I really had to have a guesstimate at the timings and quantities on these, as I could only find recipes for larger cheesecakes. Experiment.

If you like a bit more of the cheese mixture, you could try using deeper dishes, or perhaps ramekins like the ones use, but then you may struggle to get people to believe you made them yourself ;-)

You're not obliged to use mascarpone, any full-fat cream cheese will do.

I've seen recipes that use digestive biscuits, and some that use lime instead of lemon. The lemon can be a little over-powering for the elderflower, so feel free to add some more of that in. I'm toying with the idea of leaving the lemon out completely next time.