Nell's Coronation Chicken

Nell's Coronation Chicken With England bowing out in the World Cup's group stage for the first time since 1958, and Andy Murray's defence of his Wimbledon title getting underway, it seemed fitting that we go for something Classically British this week. And so we have our first ever Guest Spot at TidyMunch - it's from Nell, and is her latest take on a familiar favourite from my childhood.

From here on in, most of the words are Nell's...

Quick and easy low fat, high taste topping for baked potatoes, sandwich filler or simply served with a crisp summer salad or rice, taste frequently as you prepare it; the amounts I've given are ( I think! )

light - medium spiced ... Remember it's easy to add not so easy to take away!

Preparation time 10mins
Cooking time 30 minutes plus cooling
Can be prepared ahead


2 large or 3 medium skinless chicken breasts

1 large eating apple (I like pink lady, but any sweet dessert variety will do, bramleys are a bit too sharp)

400 ml low fat mayonnaise

2 tablespoons of medium hot curry powder (mild's fine for wimps, hot if you're particularly brave)

1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger

1 teaspoon of chilli flakes or 1/2 teaspoon of ground chilli

1 heaped teaspoon of mango chutney

A sprinkling of sultanas

Tip... I found this and substituted 2 tablespoons for the chutney and chilli.

Servies 4-6 generously as a topping - unless you're VERY hungry!


1. Set oven to 170 degrees (fan) 180 conventional or gas mark4.

2. Wrap chicken breasts loosely in foil and cook in centre of pre heated oven for around 30 mins. Ensure cooked right through (no pink juices) but avoid over cooking as the meat will dry, aim for firm and moist.

3. Meanwhile, peel, core, and dice the apple and place with 1 tablespoon of water in a small saucepan.

4. Sprinkle the sultanas on top and bring to a simmer; turn down low and cook lightly with a lid on for 1-2 minutes to just soften ( varies tremendously with choice of apple) aim for firm, not crunchy definitely not sloppy.

5. Drain any excess liquid from the Apple/sultanas and remove the chicken from the foil when cooked through. Allow everything to cool completely to room temperature.

6. In a medium to large serving bowl assemble the mayo, curry powder, ginger, chilli and mango chutney. Stir all ingredients together... and here's the good bit... TASTE! and adjust to suit.

7. Chill the curry mayo well in fridge whilst the chicken and apple mix are cooling, no need to refrigerate but they do need to be completely cold and dry.

8. Dice the cold chicken into bite sized chunks and add with apple and sultanas to curry mayo mix stirring all ingredients in to coat completely.

Can be safely chilled overnight and keeps well for up to 2 days. I find it nicest served at room temperature, and allow 15 - 30 mins out of fridge before serving up.


Tidy Savings

This week's prize goes to Asda, serving an Ace with an overall cost of £7.49. Morrisons weren't a particularly close second (serve) at £8.22 and Tesco trailed even further behind at £9.73. Sainsbury's cannot be serious with their poor showing of £10.56.

It's definitely one of the widest price ranges we've seen, with each supermarket falling into a different £bracket, and whereas we generally see two groups of two, the pricing's all very individual this time!

Tidy Tweaks

You can of course use any cold leftover chicken or turkey, but I prefer the chunky bite of making it from fresh!

For extra plump sultanas, soak them overnight in freshly brewed tea instead of adding them to the poaching apple in step 4. To the other extreme, some people aren't a fan of Sultanas... feel free to lose them entirely!

If it seems a bit on the hot side, just add some more Mayo! Remember, all diners may not share your fondness for spice!

You could reduce the calorie count a little by using half fat mayo or creme fraiche, but try to avoid sour cream or natural yogurt as they're too thin. Greek yogurt is likely to be too thick.

NellNell is Mama TidyMunch, so was my first (and still greatest) source of culinary inspiration. When it comes to Tidy Tweaks, she's the original modifier, and it was her tireless efforts to feed a fussy eater that kindled my interest in food - perhaps she succeeded too well in converting a little boy wouldn't eat into a young man who wouldn't stop! It's interesting to see how things have gone full circle from Nell trying out new recipes with me as her guinea pig, to me trying out new recipes on her. Chicken, Chorizo & Black Pudding Paella, and Guilt-free Prawn Saag went down particularly well... to the extent that Nell is back in the kitchen trying out new things (and modifying old familiar favourites like today's recipe). Bring on Nell's next guest-spot.... and please can we have some Chicken & Broccoli Pie?