Summer of Sport Quesadilla


After holding hosts Brazil to a goalless draw on Tuesday, Mexico have it all to play for when they face Croatia on Monday!

A draw will see them through, but whatever the result of their final group game, why not get into the spirit with this take on the iconic Mexican classic?

It's tasty and filling, yet light enough for this mini heat-wave we're enjoying at the moment!


4 flour tortillas

125g mature cheddar

150g chicken breast, diced or thickly sliced

1 red pepper

1/2 small red onion

30g jalapeño chillies, roughly chopped

1 small bunch coriander leaves

2tbsp soured cream

1tbsp olive oil

This is more than enough for two, but you know me - I had it all to myself!

I'll be honest and admit I struggled, so I'd thoroughly recommend a bit more restraint than I managed, and maybe serve it up for two with a crisp side salad.


1. To kick off (yes, I did just go there) fry the chicken. The original recipe calls for plain chicken, but I love a bit of spice, so coated mine in a tablespoon of the cajun spice mix we made for Cajun Sweet Potato Chips. I personally prefer the chicken cut into small cubes, but there are no rules!


2. Mix the cooked chicken in with the pepper, onion, jalapeño, and coriander.


3. Place two of the tortillas onto a board and cover each with the grated cheese. Spread the soured cream over the other two tortillas.


4. Divide the chicken mix between the cheese-covered tortillas. This is a game of two halves (no apologies) so place the other tortillas on top, soured cream-side down.


5. Heat a frying pan and add the oil. Carefully place a quesadilla into the frying pan and cook over a medium heat for 3-4 minutes, until crisp and goal-den (offside!) and the cheese filling is melting.


6. Carefully turn the quesadilla over and cook on the other side for a further 2 minutes, or until crisp and (cough) golden.


7. Remove from the pan, and set aside to keep warm. Repeat with the other quesadilla.

8. Cut the quesadillas into quarters, and serve fresh and hot.

IMGP2850 IMGP2848 IMGP2851


Tidy Savings

Morrisons qualify very comfortably at the top of their group, at £7.48. Tesco just edge Asda out for second place, at £8.03 v £8.10 (yes, I did) and Sainsburys are knocked out of the competition at a shocking £9.51

The star of this tournament was Morrisons' sliced jalapeños at only 75p compared to nearest rivals at £1.29 for both Tesco and Sainsburys. The statisticians amongst you will see a correlation there between the Morrisons & Tesco line-ups, with only a 55p overall difference making it an otherwise very tight match!

Tidy Tweaks

I'd love to try this with Monteray Jack, or maybe some Mexicana cheese - although in that case I'd probably recommend using plain chicken so there's no clash in spices. Personally, I'd still keep the jalapeños in because I like the texture as well as the heat - be careful, though, as some of the cheeses that contain chilli are a bit oily when melted.

There's lots of room to change fillings - this one is quite spicy, but a BBQ pulled pork version could be amazing, and of course it's easy to vegify as well.

Using half-fat cheese, low-cal fry spray and perhaps fat-free natural yogurt would help reduce calories for a healthier option. You could maybe use Quark, but I'm not sure how it would hold-up, or if it may perhaps even split.