Sweet Corn Fritters


IMGP3472Why did nobody ever tell me how amazing (and how amazingly easy) Sweet Corn Fritters are? This version is courtesy of Lisa Faulkner in her The Way I Cook. There's hardly any prep, and they're really quick to make. Light, fluffy, and tasty to the max, I thoroughly recommend getting stuck in straight away! In fact... please excuse me while I go rustle up another batch!


100g plain flour

1tsp baking powder

1/4tsp salt

1 egg, lightly beaten

100ml milk

300g sweetcorn

I tried a few of these straight out of the frying pan, and they were delicious.... but with a little salt & pepper & some sweet chilli sauce, they were nothing short of amazing!

Do eat them while they're hot though, or reheat them gently in the oven, as they can go a bit doughy and heavy if you let them cool down. I quite enjoyed them that way, too, but it's not for everybody!


1. Sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl, with the salt.

2. Make a well, add the egg & milk, and whisk until it all comes together as a batter. Lisa Faulkner recommends 125ml milk, stating that you may not need it all. I only used the 100ml, to stop the batter being too thin. I was also lazy, and used a stand mixer!

3. Add the sweetcorn, and mix thoroughly together.

4. Heat a couple of tablespoons of oil over a medium flame (assuming your hob has flames... if no flames, then just use whatever equivalent your particular brand of dark magic allows!). I used coconut oil, as I often do when taking a day off fat club.

5. Dollop tablespoons of the mixture into the oil, but don't over-crowd the pan. It's best to do them in batches. Cook for a few minutes on each side, until golden brown, then keep warm while you do the next  batch.

6. Serve hot, with some sweet chilli sauce.


IMGP3465 IMGP3469

Tidy Savings

It's close this week, and very cheap! At the forefront, is ASDA, with their £3.34 just ahead of Tesco in 2nd place at £3.38.

Morrison are a little further behind at £3.46 with Sainsbury's in their all-too-familiar last place at £3.54.

A 20p difference from first to last isn't too bad, though, so even Sainsbury's shouldn't be too despondent.

Tidy Tweaks

Well, where to go from here? The first thing I've done differently is that I didn't bother with the salsa Lisa recommended - which is surprising as it involved Chorizo! I definitely will try it some time in the future, I just wanted to try to keep the calorie count down so that it wouldn't break fatclub too much...

She also recommends serving with some soured cream which could be delicious... maybe some natural fromage frais would be a suitable alternative for a healthier diet.

I'd probably up the quantity of sweetcorn in this, too. Just because I like it.

I toyed with the idea of using tapioca flour to make them gluten-free, but I wasn't sure that I had enough left over from Pao de Queijo. It could and should work, though!


As stated above, this recipe belongs to Lisa Faulkner, from her book The Way I Cook.